Backpack Blessing 2018

Will you fill a backpack?

To donate to Backpack Blessings, click here, and put Backpack Blessings in the memo line. Thanks!

In our continuing uncertain economy, families are having to stretch their incomes like never before . . . and $50-ish of school supplies (per child!) may prove extremely difficult for already struggling families.

You can make a difference as we lend a hand to children in our own church family and our community. Simply fill a backpack with school supplies and bring it to the church by Friday, August 24.

If you are in need of a backpack for your child, applications will be available at the booth in the North Lobby starting July 22 or at the bottom of this page. Applications to receive a backpack are due by Friday, August 17.


Fill a backpack (no wheels please) appropriate for one age group and attach a label.

 Box of 24-48 crayons
 12 Glue sticks
 Box facial tissues
 12-24 Pencils (#2)

Grades One & Two
(add these in addition to above list)
 Pink pearl eraser
 Liquid glue, 4 oz.
 Student scissors

Grades Three—Five
(add these in addition to above two lists)
 Wide-ruled notebook paper
 Ruler, 12” & 30 cm, 1/16th & 1 mm gradation
 Good quality pens, blue or black ink
 Loose-leaf 3-ring binder

Grades Six—Twelve Math Supplies
 1½ inch 3-ring binder
 Pad of graph paper (cm or ¼ inch)
 Standard notebook paper
 12-24 Pencils (#2)
 Pencil pouch
 Thin markers
 Ruler with standard and metric measurements
 Set of colored pencils (instead of crayons)
 2-4 Glue sticks
 Package of AAA batteries
 Highlighter
 Scissors
optional but strongly suggested:
 Scientific calculator (TI-30Xa recommended)

Please add other fun items if you like, such as pocket folders, pencil top erasers, supply boxes or zippered pouches, colored pencils, post-it notes, index cards, hand sanitizer, gift cards for additional supplies they may need, etc. Also, many local stores provide supply lists for schools in our area.

If shopping is not your favorite thing, no problem! You’re welcome to provide a gift card or make a financial donation and we’ll do the shopping for you!


Backpack Blessing Request

If you are in need of school supplies for your children, please complete and submit this form. Please note that this form is a request only and not a guarantee of fulfillment.
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  • Choose Delivery or Pick up

    Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any more delivery requests, all requests will need to be picked up at the church offices.

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