Feed Salem

Have you ever bought groceries for a stranger? What if that gift of food opened the door to sharing about Jesus?

Feed Salem is an annual event where churches from around Salem partner to provide the practical need of food for the body and the spiritual need of the gospel for the soul!

We would love for everyone to contribute. It’s really easy!

  1. Pick up a box and food list
  2. Fill a box with food
  3. Help deliver the food

Boxes and food lists can be picked up at the Feed Salem table in the north lobby. Lists are also available online at mstar.church. Please bring your box full of food back by Sunday, April 9! We will be delivering food boxes, praying for others, and sharing the gospel in our community at 10 am on Saturday, April 15.

Please check the team(s) you would like to join and drop this in the offering or at the Feed Salem table in the lobby!


This team will deliver food boxes to families at their homes on April 15. We need people with large SUVs or trucks with tarps. If you have an extra tarp, please bring it!

This team will help the delivery team distribute food boxes, ask if people need prayer, pray, and share the gospel as opportunities arise.

This team will confirm with those who are in need of a food box to ensure they will be at home to accept it on delivery day. This team will make calls prior to April 15. It can be done on the go or from home.