IF: Salem

During one weekend, February 8-9th, the IF:Gathering brings together women in our churches, our community, and women from all across the city to watch the live stream that takes place in Austin, Texas. This live stream includes guest speakers, live worship, and conversation questions to get the discussion going.  Don’t miss this opportunity to gather with other Jesus-girls from over the Willamette Valley to worship and learn and fellowship.   Our friends at Church on the Hill are hosting this phenomenal simulcast, and we’d love to see a large group from Morning Star!  IF: Gathering serves the purpose of gathering women across generations, denominations, and cultures for an encounter with God that will compel them to link arms with Him in the greatest calling on earth—to make disciples. 

Here are a few details we need you to know:

Please note that at this time registration does not include lunch for Saturday’s session, and is available to purchase separately. If you would like to purchase your lunch for Saturday’s session through Church on the Hill, please go to: https://cothcommunity.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/172874. Otherwise, please plan to bring a lunch.

If you would like to volunteer for the event, please email ifsalemcothvolunteer@gmail.com . 

All other general questions, including registration issues, cancellations, or scholarship requests can be directed to ifsalemcoth@gmail.com.