Marc Arima

My name is Marc Arima. I am the Middle School Director and oversee Highlife and Sunlife. I enjoy golfing, video games, watching movies and TV too much (I’m working on it). I was born and raised in Idaho. I have been married to my wife Krysten for over two years now. She is an amazing blessing to me and helps me do what I believe God has called me to do. We just had our first child, Juniper, who’s beautiful and amazing like her mom. We love Morning Star and getting to be part of the body here.

I did not grow up as a Christian and lived a life that was all about earning the things that I needed or wanted. I went to Concordia University in Oregon and got a degree in Business. During my time there Jesus grabbed my heart and never let go. Jesus radically changed the direction of my life. Learning about grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, and so much more, I got involved at Summit View Church in Vancouver, Washington, and started serving in their high school youth ministry. I fell in love with my small group of guys and wanted to share with them all that Jesus has for all of us because I didn’t know about Jesus when I was growing up. It was during that time that I felt God calling me to take a big leap of faith and take the passion and desire to see youth know Jesus to the next level. That next level turned out to be working as the Middle School Director at Morning Star.

I love middle school students! They are at such a weird and transitional stage of life where decisions about who they are and what they want to be about are made. Add puberty on top of that and it can be chaotic for anyone. What I feel God has called me to do is walk alongside these students and help them discover who Jesus is and to make their life all about Jesus.