Serving Opportunities

If you are looking for an EASY PLACE TO START



This includes:  Greeters, Ushers, Guest Connect, and Parking ministry for each of our Sunday services.  The primary goal of our Connection Ministries is to make sure each person who walking into our church feels welcomed, loved, and guided.  Typically, one would serve before and after one service on a month on, month off schedule.  Primary gifts would be hospitality and service with a heart to make everyone feel welcome and make connecting at church easier.

  • Parking Ministry has a heart to greet and guide people from the moment they enter into our parking lot.
  • Greeters have a heart to ensure that everyone who enters our church feels welcomed and loved. They help guide our guests where they need to go.
  • Ushers have a heart to create a warm, welcoming environment within our worship services by assisting people to open seating, collecting the offering, and help keep an orderly service.
  • Guest Connect-ers have a heart to welcome and give guidance to new guests who are turning in a connect card. These people give direction to a guest’s “next steps” to connecting at Morning Star.


If you are looking for a something that is HIGHLY RELATIONAL


Volunteers in our children’s ministries will work with 6 week old babies up to 5th graders on weekend services and other events. They will introduce and begin the children’s education into the word of God and nurture their creativity and personalities.


Middle School

Volunteers helping in our middle school ministries will be discipling our growing middle schoolers and helping guide them towards the path of Christ. They also assist in hosting our Adventure Camp during the summer and lead them during Sunlife, our Sunday service for them.


High School

Volunteers in our RIOT high school ministries will help lead youth through and into adulthood. They will nurture and develop the high schoolers understanding and commitment to the Lord and their community.


Young Adult ministry

Volunteers in our young adult ministry will use their skills to aid our young adults along the path of Christ. They will lead worship and bible study groups, assist people with their needs and create a safe and welcoming atmosphere.


Volunteers in our women’s ministries will help guide our moms and single women along the path of God. They will lead bible studies, mother’s groups, retreats, and community activities for our women to participate in.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is so much more than recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.  Volunteers helping in our celebrate recovery will assist people heal from various “Hurts, Habits, and Hang Ups”.  From help setting up and tearing down, to diving into people’s lives and hearts…this confidential ministry has a place for anyone and everyone.

Adult Community Groups

Volunteers in our community groups will help people from the community with their walk with Christ and facilitate the learning of God’s word through bible study. They will also lead in prayer and assist people with struggles they may have.


If you are looking for something BEHIND THE SCENES

Grace Cafe

Volunteers working at our Grace Cafe will sell pastries and drinks to service attendees and guests. They will help to monitor the dining area and manage money collected from sales from the Grace Café



Volunteers in maintenance will work behind the scenes maintaining the well-being of the church. They will clean and sanitize the interior areas of the church and maintain / assist in the beautification of the surrounding church landscape.



Volunteers on our prayer team will work with others and help people through anything that people may be dealing with at the time. They will also be available after weekend services to supply their service to anyone in need of prayer.


If you are looking for something that is ARTISTIC



Volunteers on our worship team will use their expressive skills to help our church in musical worship to the Lord. They will lead our worship on weekend services and other events, as well as play instruments and sing for the worship team.



Volunteers in video production will use their expressive skills in order to create videos for weekend services and other events. They will use Adobe Premiere, other computer programs, and film in order to produce quality videos.


Media and Production

This includes all the technical aspects of ministry– sound, lighting, digital media, visual representations, multi-media design, and production. Volunteers also assist with details of concerts, musical outreaches, and seminars. This behind-the-scenes ministry is essential in communicating the good news in our services and events.