Caring For Hospital Staff

Caring For Hospital Staff

Hello, Church family! 

We all know that our Salem Hospital staff have been working hard under stressful circumstances these last couple months. They don’t complain and they do their job knowing it could compromise their own health because they want to care for our community. 

We want to say “thank you” and to do so, we want to provide a meal for them. We have committed to providing a meal and an encouragement note to eight different departments over the next eight weeks. I have heard from many of you who want to help in this season, but don’t know how. This is a great way! Thank you for wanting to be the body of Christ to our community.


  1. Write an encouragement note to hospital staff on Sunday May 3. Doctors, nurses, administrative staff . . . anyone who works at the hospital! On Sunday May 3, you can comment DURING either our 9 or 11 am Facebook live service broadcast. I’ll prompt you at the beginning of service to share those encouragement notes. We will gather those notes on Sunday only. If you miss the service or are not on Facebook, you can email your encouragement note to anytime on Sunday.
  1. Pay for a meal between now and June 30. We are working with a local restaurant to prepare and deliver these meals. The cost is $10 per meal. It will be safely prepared, healthy, packaged, and delivered to the hospital. You can donate through your normal giving method (online, check). The earlier funds arrive, the more hospital staff we can feed.


We have committed to provide 30 meals per week for eight weeks starting Wednesday, May 6. This is a total of 240 meals at the bare minimum. We would LOVE to provide a plethora more meals to the hardworking Salem Health staff. There are thousands of employees within Salem Health, so the opportunities to bless people in this season are only as limited as our willingness to step out in faith and pay for a meal. Everything that you designate in your giving toward hospital staff meals will be used for that purpose. For example if we receive $3,000 will have a total of 300 meals.

The hospital is very grateful for our willingness to help. Of the hospital staff we have spoken to, meals and encouragement notes were at the top of their list. As the COVID-19 caseload is slowing down, other procedures and elective surgeries will be ramping up. The hospital staff has not received the break they are needing. We can come alongside them to say, “thank you”.


They will receive their boxed meal with an encouragement note and info on Morning Star attached. It is simple, safe, and filled with love and appreciation.

Please spread the word! Will you join me by providing 1, 2 or more meals per month to our hospital workers?

Partnering with you as we are leading people to pursue a Jesus-first life!

Jared Boltman