Church Online 3-15-20

Part 1
Part 2

Man Church, what a ride.

For the last few years, the idea of having an online service, or even just streaming our normal sunday services has been a dream that seemed so far away. Everyone agreed it was a good idea, and where we would end up getting to, but just not yet.

Then along comes coronavirus, and suddenly “down the road” is “right now.” In the course of three days we went through 6 months of rollout plans.

Like with anything done so fast, there were problems, but I was overwhelmed by the support of this amazing church family I get to be a part of. In the midst of first service dropouts and craziness, I was flooded with texts, emails, and facebook comments all cheering us on, and thanking us for taking the leap.

We believe that if Paul could minister and change the world with his faith even under house arrest, what can some quarantine ever do to stop the power of the Gospel?!

Second service saw us go from 6 feed refreshes to just one, and I’m going to post them here together, as well as those links Katrina mentioned during announcements.

Next week we’ve got some long-awaited new tech coming in, and here’s hoping to only continue to increase the quality and decrease those glitches that come between you and us connecting online. What an opportunity to use this time for the long term growth and ways to serve people from Morning Star and the city of Salem!

Church, thank you for the way you love your staff, thanks for the way you worship even in the dining room and living room, but most of all, thanks for the way you love Jesus, and won’t let anything stop or hinder that- whether virus or technology- worshiping together this morning was powerful, and I’m so thankful for each of you just being you!

Your fellow servant of Christ,

Jim Smith

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