Community Group Update

Community Group Update

Hello Community Group Leadership!

Based on MANY conversations with you as leaders, and seeing the latest from the CDC and our government leaders we will be suspending Community Group meetings and Sunday service Watch Parties starting today. We want EVERYONE to be safe and the best way to do that is to follow best practices and recommended protocols from our government and healthcare leaders. We can also be the body of Christ to our community as we do our part to curb the spread of COVID-19.We have a really good plan that we came up with last week to grow our groups and give you more opportunity to expand your God given leadership as we reach out to our community.

That meeting and those plans we talked about on Friday night as well as what you’ve read on the blog are NOT IN VAIN.

As this crisis passes, and we get back into regular life we will probably not go from quarantine to everything is normal in a day. It will probably slowly work back up to small groups then medium size groups then large groups. AS we are able to adjust again we will. God is in control and His plan is perfect! We are certainly being stretched in the understanding of our focus on the mission rather than the method.

Thank you for your continued flexibility and willingness to serve! Let’s have a conversation on our new Facebook page about how we can continue to be involved¬†in our group members lives through phone calls, texts and encouragement in this season. Clear communication, a calm level-headed demeanor, and the practical love of Christ for those in our care is essential in this season!