Dwell App


What if we look at this season as an opportunity, rather than a burden? What if we take advantage of all the cancellations to slow down and focus on what is most important? What if it takes a global pandemic to make us hunger and thirst for God’s Word in a new and powerful way? What if you look back at the Coronavirus crisis and realize: that is when Scripture became a rhythm of your life you couldn’t live without?

We want to let you know about a wonderful resource that is being offered to our church body for FREE until May 20! The DWELL app is an audio Bible app, and so much more! With different narrators to choose from, optional listening plans that curate a playlist of Scriptures based on a topic or theme, and calming background music, you have never experienced God’s Word like this before! Why not give it a try?

Follow this link to access 2 free months as a part of the Morning Star church family. We would love to hear how God’s Word is giving you encouragement and hope in this challenging season!