Family Meeting Notes- Regathering

Family Meeting Notes- Regathering

Regathering Update

Regathering Commitments 

  1. We are committed to fervent prayer. How we regather is very complicated, so we ask you to join us in praying daily for our leadership team and other church leaders as we make important decisions that affect the spiritual wellbeing of the many people we care about.
  2. We are committed to loving both our church and city. This means that we get to be like Jesus as we humbly set aside our preferences to meet the needs of others, including the most vulnerable, around us. Our aim is to bring glory to the great name of God by the example that we set to a watching world.
  3. We are committed to not taking any shortcuts. As we move through the agonizingly slow process of regathering, we ask that you join us in being patient. We need to be prepared to handle the perplexity of the many issues that will come with larger gatherings. We believe that it is essential to begin regathering, but it is equally essential to do so safely and when we are fully ready to do so.

The goal of our commitments. We will relentlessly pursue unity with the body of Christ during this season. We know that many of you won’t agree with every decision that we make, but we believe that unity and mutual respect can be practiced in the midst of our differences. This time of not being able to gather will soon pass and when we look back on it, it will be but a blip on the radar of Morning Star’s 38 years (and counting) of strong gospel ministry! We have an opportunity to show others that we are Christians by how we love one another.        

Regathering Timeline. (Subject to Change) 

Step 1: Small Groups Only – No Sunday AM Campus: June 15 – July 18 (may be extended).

  • Exploring Home Church Gatherings for 10-25 people.  
  • Some Community Groups: A limited number of rooms are available to use at the church.  
  • Outdoor Church Events: Open House format. Stop by between certain times. 
  • Riot and Highlife small groups. 
  • If you have questions regarding certain ministries, check with your ministry leaders.  
  • Policy guidelines for facility use and Home Church Gatherings will be posted to our website by June 8.  

Step 2: Small Sunday Worship Gatherings on Campus: Target Date: July 19 – TBD (assuming Marion County is in Phase 2 of reopening).    

  • Step 1 is still in place. 
  • Small gatherings back at the church building for Sunday morning. 
    • No children’s classes or Sunlife (middle school).
    • No coffee or donuts.
    • No offering baskets being passed. 
    • No communal communion.  
    • Please RSVP on our website. 
    • Masks are required as per state regulations. 
    • Please follow social distancing guidelines.
    • Please participate in the online service if you are elderly or have any underlying health conditions. 
  • We are exploring having outdoor services, watching the online service on a large screen. 
  • We hope to have some special outdoor worship services (not Sunday morning) planned for the summer. 

Step 3. Larger Sunday Worship Gatherings on Campus. Target Date: TBD 

  • Adding back additional programming on Sunday morning.
  • Increasing group size. 
  • Online service is a key component to our long-term strategy of leading people to pursue a Jesus-first life.   
  • Home Church Gatherings have the potential to be part of our long-term strategy as well especially connected to our online services.