Family Letter 4.29.2020

Family Letter 4.29.2020

A letter from Pastor Scott and Pastor John:

Dear Morning Star Family,

In just a few weeks, Covid 19 entirely changed the way we live. For Morning Star, Covid entirely changed the way that we do church. We rocketed to online gatherings that opened virtual windows and doors to share the good news of Jesus, gather in Webex meeting rooms for prayer and study, and be innovative with how we connect and communicate. Whoever thought people would be attending Sunday services in their pajamas—or that neighbors who’d never darken the door of a church building would come to church in their own living rooms? The method has changed, the message has not and will not. We are overwhelmed by God’s grace and complete ability to steer us through these troubled waters to abundant new opportunities.

As talk of reopening the economy begins, our leadership team is actively praying and planning for reopening the campus and building on all we’re learning. We are so excited to meet back together as soon as we can, but we want to make sure we don’t make foolish and costly decisions in the process. We don’t have many details on what things could look like as restrictions ease, but we want you to know that we’re getting ready and working through a variety of situations so we can wisely move forward when the time is right. Here are some of the topics that we are having conversations about as we prepare to hold gatherings again. 

  1. When to reopen the building: Appropriate phasing, gathering numbers, midweek smaller gatherings.     
  2. Children and youth: Number of kids to a room, volunteers required, sick policies
  3. Cleaning procedures and protocols: Posting specific standards, handwashing stations, masks.  
  4. Social distancing guidelines: Seating arrangements, the capacity of service, number of services, foot traffic flow. 
  5. Future of online services: Sustainable online strategy, developing an online community. 
  6. Ongoing strategy: What have we learned? What needs to change? What needs to continue? 

As of today, we don’t have enough information or guidelines from the government for any definitive decisions, but it is really comforting to have moved past crisis mode to a season of strategic growth and opportunity.           

We ask that you continue to pray for us. We need your prayers—for God’s wisdom, guidance, grace, strength, and joy each step of the way. Daily we pray those same things for you. We will keep you informed, because an informed church is a healthy church.

There aren’t words to adequately express our gratitude for you. Maybe “thank you” simply says it best. Thank you for pursuing a Jesus-first life, and for, in so many practical and amazing ways, leading others to do the same. If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. Even better—He’s engraved you on the palm of His hands and carries you close to His heart! (Isaiah 49:16 and 40:11)

Jesus first.

Scott and John