Pastor Scott’s Sabbatical

Pastor Scott’s Sabbatical

Dear Morning Star Family,

When we announced on Sunday that Pastor Scott will be taking a sabbatical, several people asked if he’d be coming back. The answer is YES!

For those of us not familiar with the term or concept, a sabbatical is an intentional, extended time to replenish. In the business and academic worlds, this is typically three months to one year for every seven years or so worked. Sabbatical finds its roots in biblical soil. It’s in addition to the weekly one-day Sabbath rest given by God in the beginning. It’s found in Leviticus 25, where God instructs the children of Israel to let their land have a year of rest every seven years. No plowing. No sowing. No pruning. Let it just produce what it produces and enjoy a year off. Don’t worry about all the work you typically do—instead, trust and delight in God, and watch Him provide all you need.  

Pastor Scott has faithfully served in ministry for 45 years without a sabbatical. Especially after these last very difficult few years, we strongly encouraged him to take some time away to rest. At first he was hesitant, but finally he agreed. We pray this much-deserved time away from his regular responsibilities will be a blessing to him and Denise, and that they’ll be refreshed and reinvigorated for their next season of fruitful ministry at Morning Star.

His sabbatical officially begins March 1. At his request, he’s planning to take a break from his sabbatical to teach in our three Easter services, then complete his sabbatical, which concludes April 30.

While he’s on sabbatical, the leadership team has planned some great things for March and April. We’ll go more deeply into our I Belong series, exploring and living out what it means to belong to God, to a community, and to a church that’s on mission: leading people to pursue a Jesus-first life. They’ve even planned a few surprises along the way, too. We don’t want to miss a Sunday, and we look forward to sharing it all with you.

We ask you to join us in praying for Pastor Scott and Denise as they take their first-ever sabbatical.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please be in touch. You can reach us at


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