Impact Report 2020

Impact Report 2020 HERE

Okay Church family, I want your help—I hate the term “Impact Report.” It sounds so formal, so professional. As though we’re doing some sort of business transaction.

I think of the Impact Report as, “I’m proud because. . .” What moments this year make me just say, “Wow, I’m proud of my church!” Those are what we wanna share. Maybe you’ve got a better idea of what we can call it for next year? (I’ve heard “State of the Union,” but don’t want to invoke images of politics). 🙂

Our communications team has spent many hours combing through so many amazing stories of what God has done in this Church body, and sharing them in a way that makes it easy to digest and enjoy. I especially wanna call out Kate for the extra long hours and tough scheduling to make it work.

We put lots of time into highlighting what God has done here, and we don’t want it to get missed in the shuffle of the holidays, and the big lights event coming up. So please, take a moment, and check out this page, because it’s truly worth our time to keep at the forefront of our minds all that God has done this year!

Impact Report 2020 HERE