Keep On Worshiping

In this strange season of having to physically distance ourselves from others, I’m reminded of how meaningful our corporate worship is! And I am REALLY missing being together, in person, with my church family and worshiping through music together! I miss the sound of your voices, filling that North Auditorium with praise.   A big thank you to Robert and Brenna, who have led us in worship for our online services the last two weeks! We will absolutely continue to make that a priority for our services going forward.   

The other day I got overwhelmed with emotion, thinking about that first Sunday back together. There is so little left to look forward to right now, pretty much everything exciting in life has been cancelled! But church, I cannot WAIT to see you face to face, and hear our collective family singing out in worship. I could cry right now picturing it!  

But while we are all doing our part to “flatten the curve” of this virus, WE WILL NOT STOP WORSHIPING. The faithful team of volunteers who have been leading our worship for the last year have thoughtfully put together a list of songs in a playlist JUST FOR YOU, our beloved Morning Star family. These are songs of hope and truth, a reminder that the God we serve is sovereign. He is GOOD. And He is in control. Some will be familiar to you, and some will be new. It is our prayer that you would fill your home with worship as we look forward to the day we will all be lifting our voices together as one. Keep singing, family.

Click here for the Spotify List.

Love, Jen