Men’s Ministries Update 6.17.2020

Men’s Ministries Update 6.17.2020

Men of Morning Star, 

COVID-19 has affected everyone . . . kids finishing the school year at home, people losing their jobs, churches meeting over the internet, (and I’m not including those thousands getting sick . . . and those who’ve died). It is a whole new phenomenon. One that we have not experienced in our lifetime. I believe it has incredibly affected the psyche and heart of men in a unique and challenging way. Isolation is not good for anyone. We are made for community. But we men are (generally) not very relationally motivated. We (generally) are not the people who are going to gather outside of the church to connect with each other (even though I think we’d be better for it). And some of you are suffering for it. So, as Morning Star is planning for our phased regathering, let’s talk about the vision for Men’s Ministries and its regathering process.

Men’s Ministries for the past several years has been fleshed out in two ways.

  1. Men’s Discipleship // Our Thursday evening Bible study with groups of men pursuing Jesus together.
  2. Men’s Events // Men’s Retreat, Men’s Breakfasts, and the annual Exodus Motorcycle Rally.

Unfortunately, these are all gatherings that COVID-19 has put on pause. Below are the planned upcoming events and the tentative plans based on honoring the legal authorities God has placed over us.

Exodus 12 Motorcycle Rally // July 31-August 2 // Raymond WA

The date and event are tentative. We have a deadline of July 1 to see if Pacific County in WA moves to phase 3. This will need to happen in order for the camp to open up and allow overnight guests. There is no better way to social distance than being on a motorcycle for three days. The camp facilities are top notch and this year’s ride will be one of the best yet. We will communicate on July 1 if this event will be taking place. CLICK FOR THE EVENT PAGE HERE.

Men’s Retreat // October 9-11 // Drift Creek Camp

Based on what phase Lincoln City is in, we are planning on heading back to Drift Creek Camp for this year’s Men’s Retreat. It’s been years, but some of you long-timers remember the rustic lodge and large fireplace deep in the Coastal Mountain range south of Lincoln City. We plan on having great food, powerful teaching, and plenty of “manly” things to do. This will be an affordable getaway for all men of Morning Star 18 to 118. Invite a friend, a brother, a neighbor—and let’s pray for Oregon to reopen. CLICK FOR THE EVENT PAGE HERE.

Men’s Discipleship // Thursdays @ 7 pm // Begins October 15

We are going to launch our David, Part II study on Thursday, October 15, right after the Men’s Retreat. It is our normal rhythm to not have study during the summer. Let’s pursue growing in Jesus together and talk about what God has specifically for each one of us. We will get through this year together and see how God has used the trials and stresses of 2020 to grow us in Him together in incredible ways. 2021 will be even better. CLICK FOR THE EVENT PAGE HERE.

Questions for you to ponder //

  1. How has the first half of 2020 affected my walk with Jesus? Where am I spiritually? Have I grown or regressed? Why?
  2. What are my personal goals for the last half of 2020? How can God use me and the world around me to lead others to pursue a Jesus-first life?
  3. Who are 2-3 men that I can reach out to, to encourage, ask the above questions, and share my answers with? (Write that list and make the time to call/connect with them, and encourage each other in your walk with Jesus.)

Let’s all pray for the counties and State to open up so we can have these events. But remember, whether we can or can’t, the event is not what is important. The church is not the walls of a building. WE are the church. Let’s continue to grow in this season and lead MEN to pursue a Jesus-first life!

Love you, brothers! I look forward to hearing how God is using this time to challenge and grow you. Talk with you soon.

Chris Meade