MStar Kids – Changes to Funny Money

MStar Kids – Changes to Funny Money

Hey Mstar Kids and families!

Any of you still have bags of funny money floating around? Good news! We will be transitioning out of the current funny money system but you will have an opportunity to do a “final cash-in” of all existing funny monies. 

Us as a team decided that high touch systems, such as funny money, would have to be done away with in order to maintain as clean as possible of an environment for our youngest members of Mstar. Also, during funny money turn in days it would be near impossible to keep kids at a respectable distance while they choose prizes. We will have a new system in place called Star Points that will allow each teacher to keep track of kids’ classroom accomplishments by way of a point system and individual prize boxes to choose out of for each classroom. Kids will still earn points in the same ways (reciting memory verses, helping in the class, etc.) but will be able to earn prizes at different rates and have a low touch method of getting prizes. 

If you have kept track of your stash of funny money (I know several of you have asked us what to do with it all), please write down amounts and let one of the Mstar Kids team members (Louie, Candace, or Savanna) know how much your children have when we get back into being able to offer all kids’ classes again. Or you can email the amount with the child’s name to We will then give some options of what they will be able to earn and they can decide what prize(s) to redeem their amount for. There is no need to bring us the old funny money, as we want to keep as little of possibilities of passing germs around as possible. 

We can’t wait to get back into classes with all of your kiddos! They are why we do what we do. We also can’t wait to implement this new system and watch them grow in their knowledge and faith! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us via email.

In Him,

MStar Kids Team