Spring Break Missions Cancellation

Spring Break Missions Cancellation

Updated March 17

Hey everyone! Katrina and Rob here. There are far more questions than answers so bear with us in this season. No matter how you feel about what’s going on, know that Student Ministries is continuing and we are doing our very best to make decisions that put Jesus first, and our students right behind that. 

Here are some questions we want to address:

  • Are the trips being rescheduled?
    • It is our hope to reschedule to sometime late this summer. We will be evaluating the situation and make that decision and communicate to you as soon as it is appropriate to do so.
  • What if trips don’t get rescheduled?
    • In this unfortunate option, we will look for missions-minded options in smaller events and activities to bless our city in the wake of this pandemic. There will be plenty of possibilities for us to share the love of Jesus in ways other than a week-long trip. 
  • Are donations going to be refunded?
    • Because of the nature of tax-deductible donations made towards missions, we are unable to refund money that was donated to the missions fund. 
    • If a student (or their parents) paid money towards their trip, that money is not tax-deductible and can be refunded if requested.
  • What happens to funds raised?
    • In the event that we are able to reschedule for later this year, money donated to your student will still be designated to your student. 
    • If trips are not rescheduled, that money will remain designated towards missions for your student through Spring Break 2021.
  • What if I’m graduating this year?
    • If we are able to reschedule a summer trip, you will be included in that trip. 
    • If we are unable to reschedule a summer trip, those funds will be used in the opportunities for service mentioned above. (See “What if trips don’t get rescheduled?”)
  • What about our beloved t-shirts? 
    • T-shirts will be used to pad the leaders’ wardrobes in this tumultuous time. Jk. We’ll use them for prizes at RIOT and Highlife. Also jk. But really… we’ll probably save them for our hopefully rescheduled summer trip! 

If you have any other questions regarding missions or anything student ministries related, please do not hesitate to contact us by email. Our offices are currently closed, but our staff is working remotely, so email is the easiest way to communicate with us for now. We will keep you updated as decisions are made.