Posts from April 2021

Kids Lessons 4/11

Preschool Lesson To Print:Activity Page and Coloring Sheet Songs for the lesson: Lesson to watch: Elementary Lesson To Print:Activity Page Lesson to watch:

Easter Testimonies

This past weekend at Easter some of our Morning Star family bravely shared the story of what God has done and is doing in their lives. Take a look at these and let’s praise God for all He is doing in our midst!

Easter Sunday Photo Booth

Hello! Did you use one of our photographers to take your photo this Easter Sunday? Use the link below to view and download your photos. All 4 services are now up! Click HERE for those photos!

CR Recap from 03.30.21

Check out this quick 2-minute recap video from our Celebrate Recovery Director, Tom Casey, about what we covered in CR last week. And we invite you to join us this coming Tuesday for CR, as we meet every Tuesday night!