The Bible in a Year

The Bible in a Year

One of Morning Star’s core values is Biblical Truth. We know God’s Word has the power to change our lives, and we want to be a people of the Word!

In 2021, we want to go through a chronological Bible in a year, all together as a family! We will have The Daily Bible® available for purchase, an option to receive weekly reminder and encouragement texts, and/or a chance to get connected with an accountability partner.

Will you participate? We’re asking for your registration so we know if you’d like the weekly text encouragement/reminders, as well as so we know how many people are setting out on this journey with us! Purchasing a Bible is an optional add-on, and can be picked up at the church offices Monday-Thursday.


If you’d like to participate with your own Bible or prefer digital methods of reading the Bible, we have a comparable reading plan available at