AC 2019 Staff

AC 2019 Staff

Please register online and have forms completed and returned by TUESDAY, June 18 at 5 pm (this is where you will pay for any of the applicable costs listed below).


Thank you SO much for volunteering to help us at Adventure Camp this year. We wouldn’t be able to make camp happen without you. Camp is such a unique opportunity for students to get away from their “normal lives” and I have seen God use it in some incredibly life-changing ways. It is our heart that camp would be all about the middle schoolers and that everything we do would serve to funnel them toward Jesus.

Here are some of the key camp roles to be aware of:

  • Middle School Director: Katrina Kennedy
  • Highlife Intern: Taylor Shaw
  • Camp Speaker: James Elgin
  • Camp Nurses: Natalie Gwyn, Michelle Huber
  • Camp Security: Jeff Livingston, Aaron Level
  • Kitchen Guru: Tyler Winters
  • Pit Crew: Scotty Nelson, Kurt Dietrich
  • Comp Team: Ariah Limed, Robert Beckley
  • Boating: Jen Tompkins
  • Paintball: Alex Brewster
  • Snack Shack: Vera Boyechko
  • Lifeguards: Colby Moses, TJ Lee
  • Videography: Daniel Welter

Eagle Cove Camp is situated on Triangle Lake in Blachly, Oregon. Students will be given designated boys and girls sleeping areas. In these sleeping areas they will set up tents or sleep in designated yurts. There is plenty of space for staff to set up tents in various locations at camp. There will also be a couple yurts available for staff to use.

We have a team of over 75 volunteers coming to serve our students. Two of the best things you can do for me is be a team player and be flexible when things don’t go according to plan. I have included a camp schedule for you to become familiar with.

Also included is a code of conduct. Please sign and return this code of conduct by Tuesday, June 18. You can drop it at the church office or email/text a picture of it to

For all volunteers, in addition to a Safety Waiver, we require a Code of Conduct and an Adult Volunteer Contract. These forms will be available when you register online or by clicking on the links provided.

In order to keep camp costs affordable to students, there are a couple additional costs to be aware of:

  • $50 for each RV
  • $35 for each child coming with adult staff member (as well as an online waiver)
  • If a spouse or other adult is coming to camp without a specific role, we ask that they pay $50 to cover the cost of using the camp and food.

NEW THIS YEAR: To preserve time for our leaders and students to make the most of camp, the beach will be closed to all except for discipleship leaders and students during free times on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday from 1-3 pm.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. Once again, we are so grateful that you are sacrificing your time and energy to come serve the ministry and the students at camp. It’s going to be a great year and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.

Katrina and the Highlife Team






Packing List:

WHAT TO BRING: Bible, sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, reusable water bottle, deodorant, soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, one beach towel, one shower towel, flip flops (for the shower), modest swimwear, sunscreen, five days worth of clothes (including a sweatshirt or something warm for the evenings). Please label all of your belongings with your name.
OPTIONAL: money for the snack shack, sunglasses, camera, water toys.

WHAT NOT TO BRING: Anything illegal or dangerous, such as explosives, drugs, weapons, or fire producing objects, OR ANYTHING that would potentially distract you from interactions with people (this would include but is not limited to, most entertainment equipment, electronic devices, and reading material… a.k.a. cell phones, iPods, indecent swimwear, bad attitudes, pranks, video games, laser pointers, etc.). Also, don’t bring anything super valuable or that will break your heart if it gets lost or broken.