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Morning Star Community Church Profile

Morning Star is a non-denominational, multi-generational church in Salem, Oregon. From our beginning as a home Bible study of eight in 1982, Morning Star now has two Sunday morning in-person and online services with an average weekend attendance of around 800. In the beginning, we gathered back then to worship Jesus, study the Word, and share the gospel with our community. That foundational focus on vibrant worship, solid biblical teaching, and intentional reaching out to others has not changed. The majority of our adults are in small groups that meet throughout Salem and the surrounding communities during the week to pursue a Jesus-first life together. We have active ministries for men, women, students, children, and the largest Celebrate Recovery in the city. Outreach encompasses strong support to the local foster care community, missionaries around the globe, and a soon-to-be-launched biblical counseling ministry.


Our lead pastors don’t have plates, they have platters–and the need for a qualified administrative assistant to support them in their ministries is great. The job description below gives you an idea of the skills and scope of this position. 


By God’s grace, we are poised for growth with incredible opportunities for life-giving in-reach and outreach. We’re looking for that special person to join our Support Team specifically to work closely with and assist our Senior and Executive Pastors. If you are interested in the position or have questions, please email John Jaskilka, Executive Pastor, at To officially apply, please send your cover letter and resume to John.

John Jaskilka

John Jaskilka

Executive Pastor

Morning Star Community Church Profile




Administrative / Support Team 



Full Time: 40 hours/week



June 15, 2022



This position will provide consistent support for the Senior and Executive Pastors’ administrative needs and contribute timely ministry assistance as requested, primarily surrounding the Biblical Counseling ministry. This position will also require occasional support to other members of the Leadership Team and overall support for the church.     



  1. Affirmed and approved by Morning Star Community Church as a recognized servant in the church.
  2. Willingly submit to church leadership (Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, and the Elders). 
  3. Meet character/spiritual qualifications of a church leader.
  • Above reproach (I Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:7).
  • Demonstrated, godly character (1 Timothy 3:2-3, 8; Titus 1:6-8).
  • Healthy family life (I Timothy 3:4; Titus 1:6).
  • Good reputation with outsiders/non-believers (I Timothy 3:7).
  • Full of the Spirit and wisdom (Acts 6:3).



  1. Assist in implementing and accomplishing Morning Star’s mission and vision.
  2. Be proactive in providing important feedback to the Senior and Executive Pastors.
  3. Be a great teammate to the Support Team and the entire staff.     
  4. Manage schedules and set appointments for Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor as requested. 
  5. Edit written documents from Senior and Executive Pastors.
  6. Manage the church calendar. 
  7. Manage internal and external room reservations on Planning Center. 
  8. Manage guest group agreements and contracts.  
  9. Coordinate special event hosts, which can include weddings, funerals, and other outside events. 
  10. Participate on the Communications Team: website, email, social media, and video.    
  11. Help with church event planning including special church events, Men’s Ministries, and some Life Group events.  
  12. Assist in managing event registrations on Planning Center. 
  13. Provide communication to Staff, Elders, Men’s Ministries, and Biblical Counseling.
  14. Write and print meeting agendas as assigned. 
  15. Provide and/or coordinate meals for All-Staff and Elder meetings. 
  16. Communicate with and encourage Biblical Counselors.  
  17. Schedule Biblical Counseling appointments. 
  18. Assist in planning, coordinating, and communicating Biblical Counseling trainings and enrichment sessions.
  19. Open to personally counseling one to two Biblical Counseling clients a week if/as time allows. 



  1. Fulfill any and all other responsibilities as needed or assigned by the Senior and Executive Pastors.
  2. Support Life Group communication and special projects.



  1. Consistently demonstrate a heart and commitment to grow in Jesus and to mature in emotionally healthy spirituality.
  2. Have a heart for Biblical Counseling and a willingness to receive Biblical Counseling training.   
  3. Have the ability to multitask well.
  4. Exercise healthy conflict resolution skills.
  5. Detail oriented.
  6. Proactive. 
  7. Possess strong spoken and written communication skills.
  8. Have computer competence in communication, data storage, and research (Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and Planning Center).
  9. Work effectively and efficiently with others in a team environment.
  10. Simultaneously prioritize workload, meet deadlines, manage projects, and delegate responsibilities.
  11. Flexible and servant-oriented.
  12. Relational and missional.



Bachelor’s degree preferred. Previous ministry experience may suffice.



  1. Agree to abide by all policies and procedures as outlined in the Morning Star Personnel and Policy Manual. 


WAGES AND HOURS:  This is a full-time position with benefits. A typical work week is Monday-Thursday. 8-5pm. Weekend schedules vary. 



Executive Pastor and HR Director 


NOTE:  This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as assigned or negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization. From time to time, this job description may be modified, changed, added to, or revised.

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