Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Grow. Serve. Share. Here are some opportunities for the Morning Star family to serve in and around the city where God has placed us. Salem needs Jesus and we believe that by serving the community, we reflect His love to an often hurting world. These community involvement areas are ongoing opportunities to serve our community. They always have a place for you to get involved, year-round! Click here for one-time community involvement events.

Family Services

Every Child and DHS

Marion County is in a crisis of Foster Care. In 2016, 915 children spent time in the foster care system, with only 213 certified foster families to care for them.

Nationally the victimization rate for children in Foster Care is 8%.  In Marion county it is nearly triple the national average, at 21.7%.

As followers of Jesus, we are equipped to respond to this need in a powerful way. We have an opportunity to meet children with the love of Jesus in one of their most vulnerable moments.

Here are a few ways that we you can get involved:

Treat Yo’self-DHS Hospitality: We partner with other local churches to bring treats to the DHS office monthly. The staff works incredibly hard and are under-appreciated.

Welcome Boxes: These welcome boxes provide children with special items while sitting in the DHS office.

Office Buddies: Spend time with a child at the DHS office when he or she is being taken into foster care and is awaiting their next placement.

Respite Care: Regular babysitting or weekend care for foster families in the community.

Foster Care: Providing a home for a child in foster care until they can be reunited with a birth parent or adopted by a relative, foster parent or other individual.

We’re looking to expand the ways that we serve.

Find out more at

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. – Psalm 68:5

The Forever Family Project

Get involved with the Forever Family Project, a mentorship program serving families in the Salem area. This project’s goal is to prevent child abuse, encourage healthy families, and keep families together by forming positive friendships with those at risk. Time commitment is about two hours a week. Rewards are eternal.

To find out more, contact Jess at 503-315-8444.


Help save lives in Salem by taking part in 40 Days for Life on September 25 – November 3, 2019. Through prayer and fasting, peaceful vigils, and community outreach, 40 Days for Life has inspired 750,000 volunteers. As a direct result, 15,256 babies have been saved. Here’s how to take part:

Vigil Location: Public right-of-way sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood, 3825 Wolverine St NE, Salem OR 97301 // 7 am- 7 pm daily

Contact Bob Snyder: or 503.480.9374

Learn more at:

life chain

On Sunday, October 6, 2019, Life Chain is an annual, peaceful, pro-life witness. Simgs are available at 1:30 pm at Academy Square or call Salem Right to Life. 503.559.4971

More info: salemrtl.cor //

Low-Income and Homeless Services

Hope Station

Many organizations assist individuals and families whose salaries are below the state poverty line. These families draw help from numerous local resources.  Sadly, hundreds of hardworking people who earn just slightly above that line don’t have the same access to assistance. These are the people we want to help.

Additionally, our government system often becomes an enabler for people to remain on assistance indefinitely.  They do not equip or encourage individuals to improve their lives.

By asking our clients to pay a small monthly fee and volunteer just two hours of their time a month, we foster responsibility and a sense of ownership. Our desire is to provide a hand up, not a hand out.

Call 503.339.7710 to find out how you can help!

Volunteer Guidelines

Simonka Place for Women and Children

Homeless single women and single women with children struggling to overcome drug and alcohol addictions as well as other life controlling behaviors come to Simonka Place looking for help and hope. Partnering with the local church and community, Simonka Place is here to serve women (with or without children) who are in crisis by providing essential needs and inviting them to a life-changing relationship with Christ.

For ways to serve, contact . . .
Simonka Place for Women and Children
5119 River Road N, Keizer OR 97303

Union Gospel Mission

Search and Rescue

Union Gospel Mission’s ministry called Search and Rescue entails searching for the homeless who will not come into the Mission, and ministering to them by praying and giving them clothing and hygiene supplies—showing them God’s love and encouraging them to come in and take advantage of the Mission’s services.

If you’re interested, contact:

Myron Jones, Director of Men’s Missions
345 Commercial Street NE
Salem OR 97301


Room at the Inn

During the Christmas holiday, Room in the Inn invites our friends without homes to a two-night stay and five meals at Aldersgate Camp. There are many ways to get involved, such as providing gift bags, serving meals, helping with set-up and clean-up, planning a relationship-building activity or leading a worship session.

For more information contact Gabi at

Under the Bridge

A ministry to feed the homeless in Salem. Team members can serve in several ways including serving meals to the homeless once a month on Thursdays, contributing a menu item for the meals, donating financially to cover the cost of disposable food service items, and praying for the meal teams and those being served.

If you’re interested, please contact the Recruitment and Promotion Volunteers:

Joe Schomus
503.881.0945 //
Janell Schomus
503.559.7087  //

Sex and Human Trafficking

Here are some resources to aid and rescue those involved in Sex and Human Trafficking, both locally and internationally. (International) (in Salem) (in Portland)