Backpack Blessings 2019

Requests to receive a backpack blessing are closed.

If you submitted a request, you will receive a call between august 19-22 to let you know if we are able to fulfill your request.

Will you fill a backpack?

In our continuing uncertain economy, families are having to stretch their incomes like never before . . . and $50-ish of school supplies (per child!) may prove extremely difficult for already struggling families.

You can make a difference as we lend a hand to children in our own church family and our community. Simply fill a backpack with school supplies and bring it to the church no later than THURSDAY, AUGUST 15.


Fill a backpack (no wheels please) appropriate for one age group and attach a label.

 Box of 24-48 crayons
 12 Glue sticks
 Box facial tissues
 12-24 Pencils (#2)

Grades One & Two
(add these in addition to above list)
 Two pink pearl erasers
 Liquid glue, 4 oz.
 Student scissors

Grades Three—Five
(add these in addition to above two lists)
 Wide-ruled filler paper
 2 wide-ruled notebooks
 Ruler, 12” & 30 cm, 1/16” & 1 mm gradation
 Good quality ballpoint pens, blue or black ink
 1 inch binder
 Set of colored Pencils
 Thick markers
 Thin markers
 Hard-sided pencil box

Grades Six—Twelve (Math Supplies)
 2 inch binder
 Pad of graph paper (cm or ¼ inch)
 College-ruled filler paper
 2-4 Glue sticks
 12-24 Pencils (#2)
 Scissors
 Ruler with standard and metric measurements
 Good quality ballpoint pens, blue or black ink
 Set of colored pencils
 Thin markers
 Pencil pouch
 Package of AAA batteries
 Highlighter
optional but strongly suggested:
 Scientific calculator (TI-30Xa recommended)

You are welcome to add other fun items if you like, such as pocket folders, pencil top erasers, supply boxes or zippered pouches, colored pencils, post-it notes, index cards, hand sanitizer, gift cards for additional supplies they may need, etc.

If shopping is not your favorite thing, no problem! You’re welcome to provide a gift card or make a financial donation and we’ll do the shopping for you!

If you’d like to request a backpack for your kiddos, please fill out the request form by clicking the “register” tab.