MSK Fire Drill

Hey Parents!

On Sunday, part way through each service, we will be conducting a fire drill in all of the Mstar Kids rooms (Birth through 5th Grade). The goal of this is to prepare the children and volunteers in case of an emergency.

We will not be using the alarm system or lights; instead, Mstar Kids Staff will visit each classroom to release them to be a part of the fire drill. Children will be lined up in each classroom and taught how to safely leave the building and follow their leaders to the evacuation site. While at the evacuation site (South Lawn), Sunday School teachers will take attendance and then lead classes back to Sunday School. The remainder of the service will continue as normal.

In the event of an actual fire emergency:

  • Our evacuation site is on the South Lawn, just beyond the gravel lot.
  • Do not go to your child’s class, but instead go to the evacuation site.
  • Children will not be released to you until all children are accounted for.

(Keep in mind this would not apply this Sunday, as it’s only a practice).

If you have any questions, please email us at

Just a reminder, join us this Friday at 7 pm for our next Family Movie Night! The feature film is Ralph Breaks the Internet and tickets are free. Check out this link for more information. See you soon!

Thank you for being a part of Mstar Kids!

Mstar Kids Staff
Louie Schmitz, Candace Lute, Savanna Yuzko, & Yena Lee