Staff – Jim Smith

jim smith



My name is Jim- I’m socially awkward, insecure, and constantly ashamed about how frequently I seek my validation from others. I tend to speak first, then regret later. I often need to ask forgiveness and grace from those around me, then beat myself up for how much I have to do exactly that.

But I don’t think I’m alone in these things. I think I’m far more normal than the typical Sunday persona allows people to show. I’m convinced that we’re all messed up in some way, and the only real question is whether or not we’re honest about it with ourselves, but more importantly honest about it with God- because He’s the only one with power enough to do something about my weaknesses and failures anyway!

That’s why I love helping here at Morning Star with our Online ministry, communications, and IT – the internet helps people to be more honest- for better and for worse- and I believe that if we can be the church not just in a building during a Sunday gathering, but all week long and in all places- that God can use that to reach people for His glory! I love nothing more than having conversations with people that matter about stuff that matters (and spoilers- all people matter)! So talking about how we can know God better, be more like Him, and share Him with a hurting world- what else could I want from this life?

I’m also so tired and wore out from what I call geo-political Christianity- I want Jesus, only Jesus- not Jesus intertwined with my patriotism, not Jesus made synonymous with my political party- I believe the next season of the church is a simple call back to the basics- love God with all I am, and love my neighbor. It’s hard enough to live that out, I’ll spend the rest of my live just trying to do the basics well. So I want to camp out there, wallowing in the core explicit truths of the word of God- because as one of my favourite authors used to say- “Men need reminded far more than they need taught.”

So if you’re like me- a little broken, tired of a Sunday performance, and in need of some camaraderie as we pursue putting Jesus as first in our lives- then I’d love to see you in our online service, online community group or wherever. Let’s get together and see what God can do!