Hello, and thank you for visiting our Kids ministry page! At this time we have classes open during both Sunday services; 9am for children 6 weeks through six-years-old and 11am for 6 weeks through 5th grade. If you are watching service from home, we continue to provide weekly preschool and elementary lessons on our blog. 

Morning Star Kids is a ministry designed for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary kids. Volunteers must pass thorough background checks, interviews, and reference checks before they are considered to serve in this area. Children’s Ministry Staff are available at all times to support our kids, parents, and families as necessary. Our computerized check-in system provides us with a secure way to determine who will be allowed to take a child out of our care, and if your child should need you during service, we are able to send you a text and/or display your child’s security number on the screens in our sanctuary to alert you. We’ve provided a quick reference for parents below so you know what you can expect in each of our children’s areas based on your child’s age.


Nursery care is provided for babies from 6 weeks through 23 months old. These rooms are located in our downstairs children’s wing.

When dropping off your baby, please:

  • Bring a diaper bag stocked with diapers, wipes, change of clothes.
  • Bring a prepared bottle/sippy cup clearly labeled with child’s name.
  • Bring a binky, blanket, favorite toy, or any other item you think your child might need while in our care.
  • Be aware that plain Cheerios are provided in our nurseries for older babies. Please let us know if your child cannot have a snack, or provide a snack if your child has food allergies.

Staying in the nursery with your child? No problem. We have a live sound feed of the main worship service in our nurseries.

Not ready to leave your baby yet? That’s no problem either! You are welcome to take your baby into service with you, but ask that parents with noisy or crying babies enjoy the service from the comfort of the couches in our lobby. A nursing mom’s room is also available adjacent to the main service.


Your toddler will enjoy the nurseries we have designed just for them! Simple Bible stories, snacks, crafts, games, and worship songs, as well as lots of playtime, are all planned for your toddler. These rooms are located in our downstairs children’s wing during all services.

You can prepare your child to attend our toddler rooms by:

  • Taking your child for a quick potty break before drop-off.
  • Bringing a care bag stocked with diapers, wipes, and a spare change of clothes.
  • Packing a snack for your child if he/she has food allergies. Goldfish crackers are provided for this age group.


Our preschool classroom is for kids ages 4-5 and our Kindergarten classroom is for kids currently enrolled in school. Your child will enjoy the engaging worship music, Bible stories, crafts, games, and other activities we have prepared just for kids their ages! You can prepare your child to attend these classrooms by taking him/her for a quick bathroom break before drop-off. Kids in these age groups meet upstairs during morning services.


Kids in early elementary will love “the triple room” they get to claim upstairs during our morning services! When they walk into this room at the beginning of service, they will have their choice of playing MarioKart, working at a craft station, playing with legos or cars, playing 4-square, or playing at any other activity station that is set up. Don’t be tricked by the fun though. In this room, kids will participate in energetic and meaningful musical worship, creative and engaging Bible teachings, learn how to use Scripture references, as well as play games and enjoy other fun activities in small groups that are formed based on grades.


Bridge 45 is our program designed specifically to help bridge the gap between children’s ministry and student ministry. It begins with giving our tweens a space of their own, separate from our children’s area (although it’s only a few feet away from our door). This modular classroom provides us with the space to do musical worship with a live band (led by our student ministry), as well as seating as they would experience in youth groups, while still providing enough space to play 4-square or carpet ball or foosball. Teachings in this classroom are designed to get your child thinking. They’ll be challenged with looking up Bible verses, learning the Bridge 45 Top 10, and praying for each other in small groups. We encourage kids to ask us the tough questions about our faith … so much that we provide a Q&A panel throughout the year to help answer these questions. Our students will be invited to participate in quarterly group activities such as ropes courses, laser tag, and overnight retreats.