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The Bible in a Year

One of Morning Star’s core values is Biblical Truth. We know God’s Word has the power to change our lives, and we want to be a people of the Word! In 2021, we want to go through a chronological Bible in a year, all together as a family! We will have The Daily Bible® available for purchase, an option to receive weekly reminder and encouragement texts, and/or a chance to get connected with an accountability partner. Will you participate? We’re asking…

Kids Lesson 1/3/21

Preschool Lesson Materials to Print: 1) Home Guide 2) Coloring PageLesson to watch: Elementary Lesson Materials to Print: 1) Home Guide 2) Coloring Page 3) Family ActivitiesLesson to watch:

Mama Tribe – Activity Resources!

Hi Mamas! So . . . who’s got COVID-cabin fever already? Man, we have been thinking about all of you with littles! Even though we’ve had to cancel our upcoming events, we wanted to offer you some resources to keep those little ones busy, educated, and entertained! Here are some things we’ve found while combing through social media, and let us know if you’ve found other resources you think would be helpful so we can add them to the list! Zonder…