Missions – Jeremy & Mindie Tice

Jeremy & Mindie Tice

Morning Star has been supporting us since around 2001. Mindie grew up there and the church was kind enough to take us on when we were first starting out. Initially, we went to Guinea in West Africa to work among the Yalunka- an unreached people group entrenched in Folk Islam/ African Traditional Religions. We worked in evangelism and discipleship, health care and community development. After 7 years we were asked to take on a regional role, which we juggled for two years from the village, then moved to Senegal to have better access to an airport and have our kids attend an MK school without having to board. We served in the regional leadership role in West Africa for 4 more years, then World Partners asked us if we would be willing to do the same thing, but for Europe. That was definitely not what we had planned, but prayer helped us align with the Lord’s will and we ended up moving to Europe in 2016- first France, then over into Germany.

Now we have been presented with the opportunity to be Missionaries in residence at Bethel University. We are excited to be rolling out some new programs that will launch the next generation of missional disciple makers into the harvest field. 

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