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Max & Tanya Garkavenko

Shalom, dear Friends! We are Max and Tanya Garkavenko.

We believe in YESHUA= Jesus with all our hearts and our minds and with the. help of God we evangelize to Jews in Israel. We believe in God’s plan for our Nation and the Land. We conduct several educational programs online to teach people in Hebrew and Russian languages and sometimes in English. We are the lead pastors in the congregation and we do a lot of family counseling.


We moved to Israel in 1997, directly to Bat Yam city. We are leading the Messianic congregation here, for15 years. Almost for 14 years the big team of volunteers from 17 congregations were preaching the Gospel through the tour bus outreaches. More than 600 buses were launched during that time. More than 30,000 russian speaking Israelis heard the Gospel through that project.


Both of us want to thank you for standing with us. With huge blessings from Israel. The Light to the World congregation lead pastors Max and Tanya!


If you ever had any desire to support a ministry in Israel, we can gladly suggest you to join our team and continue to plow the soil of the hearts of Israelis in order to advance the Kingdom!


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June 24-27, 2024


Our offices are closed for Great Camp, our student ministries summer camp. Please email below or call and leave a voicemail at 503-581-2477 and our staff will get back to you as soon as we can.

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