Missions Update – June 2024

Monthly Missions Update
June 2024
Volume 1, Issue 5

Global Partners, Jeff and Sarah will arrive for their summer visit from June 21st to September 16th. During their stay, they will catch up with friends and family and share their vision for their ministry to refugees in the Caucasus region. A special lunch event is scheduled for July 14th at 1pm, allowing attendees to get to know Jeff and Sarah better and ask them questions about their work and experiences. 
Register here for the Jeff & Sarah Global Partner Lunch
Dave Irby at Surge Soccer has launched a program in Liberia, focusing on using soccer to connect and support educational and community development. The initiative is led by key figures like Roberta Reed, an educational specialist, and Ollie White, a former Miss Liberia. Their efforts include building schools, supporting local communities, and fostering leadership through soccer. The program has grown significantly, involving multiple trips to Liberia and expanding its team of staff and volunteers. This continues to open more and more doors to share the Gospel with people as relationships are formed and trust is being built.
As these opportunities in Liberia have grown there are 2 tangible ways you can help:
1) A vehicle. This ministry has grown substantially. In just the last few years they now have 7 part time & full time staff. None of these staff have a vehicle other than the motorcycle you can see in the picture below. A working vehicle would allow them to transport supplies, equipment, and materials much quicker and to get to locations faster so they can spend more time with the people they minister to. 
The goal is $12,000 by the end of June. They already have a $6,000 matching grant. Another $3,000 has been raised as well. This leaves only $3,000 to go! Would you be part of making this tangible ministry more accessible to people?
More information can be found at Surge Soccer Liberia.
You can donate through Surge at https://www.surgesoccer.org/donate/

2) A travel partner. Do you have a heart to share the love of Jesus with people in another culture? Dave is looking for 1-2 other guys to join him in early August! Departure dates are flexible, so if you are up for adventure, reach out! Dave says about the purpose of this trip, “To observe, learn, ask and pray. Generally our trips are from 7-9 days. It’s about serving the needs of the Liberian leaders we work with and the Liberian people they serve. Sometimes ‘just showing up’ makes a difference.”


If interested, please email Jared@mstar.church for more information about joining Dave on this trip to Liberia!



Jeremy Tice: Last week The Missionary Church published the first article of a three part series highlighting our work at Bethel. Please use this link to read the article: https://mcusa.org/news/next-generation-missionaries We will send links when the following articles post- in July and August.

On June 16 we will drive to Kansas to speak at a week long camp for 3rd-6th graders. Pray for safe travels and effective, engaging communication with this age group about the Great Commission and Kingdom living.

Elijah and Emily’s wedding was wonderful! We will hopefully have a photo to share soon! The following day we celebrated Jeremy’s parents’ 50th anniversary. One week later we celebrated our 25th!


Jeremy and Mindie Tice




Part of living on Mission is being open to opportunities wherever the Lord has placed you, and part of it is being a good neighbor…


Boone Ridge Senior Living is our neighbor up on the hill and across the street from the church. We have the opportunity to get to know residents and be good neighbors by building relationships with residents as we help them in their activities. Seniors often have a hard time with isolation and lack of friendships as they age so it’s important to be intentional about participating in activities with others. This could be a great way to volunteer together as a family or as a Life Group. Check out some upcoming activities they have. As we start helping with these, there will be different opportunities in the future.


  • Write Your Life Story Workshop
    • Held every other Saturdays from 3pm-4pm held in the Conference Room (2nd floor)
    • Approximately 6 residents
    • Volunteer could assist in typing out resident’s hand written story
      • We have a computer and printer in the library
  • Texas Hold’em
    • Held every Thursdays from 3pm-4pm
    • Approximately 6 residents
    • Volunteer could assist in dealing cards held in the Mountain View Lounge (4th floor)

Each volunteer will be background checked through Boone Ridge. Please email jared@mstar.church if you are interested in building these friendships.


To learn more about each of our Global & Local partners CLICK HERE

If you’re interested in helping more with Missions at Morning Star please email Jared@mstar.church.


Thanks for all you do to help share the Good News of Jesus with a world in need! – Morning Star Missions Team

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June 24-27, 2024


Our offices are closed for Great Camp, our student ministries summer camp. Please email below or call and leave a voicemail at 503-581-2477 and our staff will get back to you as soon as we can.

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