What we’re all about

What we’re all about

Morning Star’s mission is to lead people to pursue a Jesus-first life.

We see a church family radically pursuing a Jesus-first life as we anchor our existence in the truth of God’s Word. 

We see a church where every person is a missionary, equipped and unafraid to live and share the gospel around the dinner table, in the breakroom, and with neighbors at a front porch BBQ. Together we run toward those who need the love and grace of Jesus, so that in the next five years 20,000 people will hear the gospel.

We see a church that says “Welcome Home” to every person who needs a family, a church overflowing with new believers where relationships are restored and healing takes place in all. 

We need all of this not just for us, but so future generations will know Jesus and change the world.

We’ve got a set of values that steer what we do and who we are: Biblical Truth, Excellence, Family, Authenticity, Cultural Relevance, Missional Living, Stewardship, and Community.

Maybe these ideas fire you up the way they do us. Maybe you want to put Jesus first, or at least have good conversation about what that looks like. If that’s you, come be a part of this family, and let’s pursue making Jesus first together.

If you’re more interested in diving into the details, you can read our full doctrinal statement here.