Kate Snegirev

Admin for Student Ministries

Hi there! I’m Kate! I’ve grown up here at Morning Star and started working here in 2011. I am the graphic designer for the church and administrative assistant for Student Ministries—which means I do a lot of paperwork and get to make pretty things. This is pretty much my dream job, because even the smallest thing I do helps ministry happen for Jesus’ kingdom, and I can’t think of a better way to make a living.

On an unrelated note, I am a born-and-bred Oregonian who loves all things coffee, cozy, or creative. (Also rain and and any temperature under 75 degrees.) I love to make, create, decorate, and build just about anything (as long as there is a YouTube video for it) and finished remodeling my first home in 2016.

I recently married my wonderful and patient (and super cute) husband, Andrae, and we are learning how to be loving dog-parents to our sweet (most of the time) pup, Odin.

My life is profoundly remarkable and full of more blessings than I ever could have imagined.


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