Louie Schmitz

Hi, I’m Louie!
I am married to my amazing wife, Katrina and we have three children, Sadie, Griffin and Penelope. We love going to new parks and playgrounds.  I love all kinds of sports. My favorite is for sure basketball. I’m only a fan of college basketball once March Madness rolls around, and I pride myself in picking Kansas to win every year since 2008 (it’s only worked once). Although I live in Oregon, I’m a Golden State Warriors fan (Lakers are better–Jim). #DubNation I’ve lived in five states, been to 14 countries and love speaking Spanish.
Bridge 45 is one of the coolest ministries at Morning Star because we’re working with fourth and fifth graders who are ready for the next step. They’re in the middle of transitioning not what they think, but how they think. We ask honest questions and we give real answers. Plus we have lots of fun doing it!