Student Ministries Graduations

What's next for students?

We are getting ready for all our students to move up a grade. Every year it’s a special time that we prep, plan, and pray for! Below you’ll find all the information and event links for current 5th-12th grade students.

current 5th graders:

Sunday, May 28 will be your 5th graders last Sunday in MStar Kids. Their official “graduation” will be on May 21. Then the first Sunday in June (June 4) we will consider them middle schoolers! Our Middle School Director, Daniel, will be visiting Bridge45 during the month of May to get to know students and parents in preparation for the transition to middle school.


For Sunday’s, they will meet in the South Aud ONLY at 11 am for MStar Middle School. They are also invited to Highlife, our midweek gathering for middle schoolers. This is a time for them to hangout, worship, and learn in their small group. Highlife meets Thursday nights at 7 pm in the South Aud. 


One of the best ways for them to get connected is to come to the Highlife Carnival! It will be Sunday, June 4 after their first MStar Middle School. This free event will be full of games and prizes, as well as a chance to meet the other students and leaders in the middle school ministry. Parents are welcome as well to meet the staff!


This summer, the incoming 6th graders also have the opportunity to come to Great Camp, the best summer camp ever! More information is available below!

current 6-7th graders:

Current 6-7th graders will officially move up on Thursday, June 1 at Highlife’s Aloha Night. After that, you’ll be the 7-8th graders! Other than that, life stays pretty much the same. Don’t forget to come to the Highlife Carnival and Great Camp!

current 8th graders:

8th graders last Highlife will be Thursday, June 1! Our tradition of “Aloha Night” is a celebration of our 8th grade class as they say “goodbye” to middle school and “hello!” to high school! 


High School’s midweek gathering, RIOT, happens on Wednesdays at 7 pm in the South Aud. Your first one will be Wednesday, June 7! We don’t have a Sunday morning gathering, but rather we go to the main services together to participate with the larger church body! Many of our high school small groups also do outside bible studies off-campus at other times. 


The BEST way to start off your high school years is with the Welcome Freshmen Retreat. This is an overnight retreat at Morning Star to introduce you to some current high school students and leaders. RIOT small groups are structured a little differently than Highlife: each group is a mix of all high school grades. This means you’ll have freshmen (you!), sophomores, juniors, and seniors in your group. You’ll get to learn and grow alongside students who’ve walked where you have and can help you navigate the special years of high school. At the Welcome Freshmen Retreat, you’ll get to meet some of the current high school students and leaders as a way to find out which group you’ll connect and grow best with!

current 9-11th graders:

Current 9-11th graders will officially move up on Wednesday, May 30 at RIOT (the seniors’ last night). After that, you’ll be the 10-12th graders! Other than that, life stays pretty much the same. Don’t forget to sign up for Great Camp!

current Seniors:

We have a couple key events coming up that I want to invite you to. First, your last RIOT will be Wednesday, May 31. This is a time to reminisce and celebrate you! Even if you haven’t been in a while, we’d love to see you. Next is our Senior Retreat, which is kind of your replacement for summer camp. We have the COOLEST house in Lincoln City and will spend a good chunk of time hanging out and looking forward to what’s next.


If you’re sticking around Salem, this is the best way to stay grounded in community is in our Young Adult Life Groups. If you’re headed out of town, we’d love to see you for the summer until you head out to your next chapter. See the available groups here!


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June 24-27, 2024


Our offices are closed for Great Camp, our student ministries summer camp. Please email below or call and leave a voicemail at 503-581-2477 and our staff will get back to you as soon as we can.

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