Summer In Student Ministries

Summer is one of the best seasons for our students. It’s packed full of events and memories, all helping students pursue a Jesus-first life. Here’s an overview of everything coming up in the next few months!


In student ministries, we start graduating students up to their next grade at the end of May. For students that are transitioning ministries (Bridge45 to Highlife, Highlife to RIOT, or RIOT to Young Adult) we’ve found that the extra time at the beginning of summer sets them up for success. 

Sunday May 19  |  12:30 pm  |  South Aud

After the 11 am service on May 19, parents of middle schoolers (or soon-to-be!) are invited to a short, casual meeting to learn more and ask questions about how middle school ministry works. 

The last RIOT for current 12th graders is Wednesday, May 29. The last Highlife for current 8th graders (Aloha Night) is Thursday, May 30.


Sunday June 2  |  9 am – 9 pm  |  Free!

8th graders; it’s time to become freshmen! Come spend the day with us and get to know some high school leaders and students.

Sunday June 2  |  11 am – 3 pm  |  Free!

Not only is this gonna be a great party, this is the first middle school event in your NEW grades! Come to MStar Middle School at 11 am and stay for food, games, and even a dunk tank!

June 9-11  |  Lincoln City OR  |  $200

Seniors; you made it. School is out and we want to take you on one last (awesome) trip together to celebrate your high school years.

June 22-27  |  Triangle Lake  |  $319

Who’s ready for summer camp!?!


We are, because we love camp. Every year we have a ton of fun on the lake; we swim, boat, kayak, compete in fun (and usually messy) games, and spend a lot of time hanging out. We also take time to learn about Jesus and grow together. Camp is for you if you have questions about Jesus and want to know more about Him, if you’re feeling tired in your walk and need some encouragement, if you love Jesus and want to follow Him, and anywhere in between. We can’t wait to see you there!

(for students entering grades 6-12 in the fall)

July + August

Student ministries takes a break in August from our midweek gatherings for our leaders to rest and our team to plan and pray over the future. While RIOT and Highlife are not meeting in August, MStar Middle School will continue to meet on Sundays at 11 am. Most high school bible studies will continue to meet, but check with your leader!

RIOT and Highlife will return September 11 & 12

This summer, we have a small team of upperclassmen and graduated seniors taking a missions trip to Spanish Fork, Utah (just south of Provo). This idea for this trip comes from our students themselves who have a heart to reach Mormons with the Gospel of the one, true Jesus. In addition to research, reading, and spirtual training, our students will be fundraising throughout the summer. 



You can support our missions team in the following ways:

  • helping us by collecting cans and bottles to raise money
  • attending our Car Wash Fundraiser this summer; dates to come!
  • praying for our team of 10 students leading up to and during the trip

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