Financial Update

Hello Church Family, 

I hope this blog post finds you well and that you are enjoying your summer here in the central valley! Here are some numbers to know as we hit the halfway point of 2021. 

June Budget: $145,000
June Actual Giving: $138,050.53
Difference: -$6,949.47 (-4.79%)

2021 January-June Budget: $895,000
2021 January-June Actual Giving: $870,398.59
Difference: -$24,601.41 (-2.75%)

July Budget: $145,000

Comments. These are not the numbers we’ve been hoping for, and July giving is looking like it will be low. 2020 was a great year financially and we were able to build some savings with months like these in mind. Let’s continue to ask God to provide and thank Him for what He gives, because He owns it all and knows our needs. Also, would you share these financial updates with others in the Morning Star family? Communication is important and an informed church is a healthy church. I’d appreciate your help in keeping everyone informed! People can sign up to personally receive our monthly financial updates by emailing The updates are also available on the church blog.  

Financial Accountability / Financial Advisory Team. We are committed to wise stewardship and we will always choose to manage well what God provides. I’m thankful for our church elders who hold me accountable for our finances, who have access to all our financial information, and who guide me in important financial decisions. All elders receive regular in-depth financial reports, and I meet every quarter with two elders (Josh Gordon and Bill Schutz) and our Finance Director (Candy Escalante) to do a deep dive into revenue, expenses, and future planning. I’m thankful for this financial advisory team and for the wisdom and guidance they give.  

And . . . we recognize that many of you are giving sacrificially. We’re so grateful for your faithful and generous financial support. THANK YOU! If you’d like to support gospel work at Morning Star or set up automatic giving, just click HERE.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or input. I look forward to hearing from you. I love serving our amazing God with you. 

Jesus first!

John Jaskilka