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Daily Devos

We want to spend just a few minutes each weekday sharing with our people things that God inspires, or puts on our mind and heart to share with the Morning Star family. Here’s John to explain a bit more!

Coronavirus Update // March 16

Be a part of church live online – Click HERE Sunday at 9 and 11! UPDATED MARCH 16 @ 4 pm. Dear Morning Star Family, One of the things I love about God is how He prepares us for what’s ahead even when we don’t realize that’s what He’s doing. How many times in the past few weeks have we talked about being married to the mission, not the method? Our mission is leading people to pursue a Jesus-first life.…

A word from John

Hey Everyone, I hope you have been energized by our church’s relaunch as much as the staff and I have been! Our vision begins: We see a church family radically pursuing a Jesus-first life as we anchor our existence in the truth of God’s Word.“ I love the vision our church is chasing and there is no better way to start this new chapter of Morning Star than by anchoring in our church’s Bible reading plan! You can pick up…