Staff Update: Tom Casey

Hello church! Below is an important staffing update about Tom Casey. I believe an informed church is a healthy church, and I want to make sure you are always in the loop. You can watch the announcement below and/or read Tom’s remarks below.


I will say this; I love Tom. I’m proud to have known and served with him since I’ve been on staff. I’m thankful that we serve a big and loving God who is infinitely wise and generously compassionate. Our church is committed to walking with Tom and Bridgette into the future!


– John

Hello Church Family.

Many of you know me some of you don’t. I’m Tom Casey I’ve been blessed to be part of Morning Star Community Church since 2000 and
on staff here since 2014.
One word sums up my 24 years here at Morning Star
Church—thankful! I’m thankful for all the people over the years who have poured their trust and love into me, helping me to be a better minister of the gospel
of grace.


Above all I’m thankful to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the privilege to serve and work with some of the most gifted and humble staffers here at Morning Star Church. It is with a heavy heart to announce that I am stepping down from my staff position as Director of TMEW due to health issues related to my
cancer and the prolonged separation from my wife.

Both of these exigent issues require my full attention. I am not leaving the church! I am simply focusing fully on my health and my marriage.

I will continue attending here and serving where needed.
I look expectantly forward to what the Lord will do in this next season.



Tom Casey

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Due to weather conditions, we have decided to cancel our in-person services for Sunday, January 14. Please join us online for a special online church experience this Sunday at 9 & 11 am!