Welcome to the 7 Days of Prayer. There is no better way to start the New Year than with our entire church family focused and dedicated to prayer. God uses prayer to transform lives and to change the world by doing far more than we could ever think or imagine. Each morning and evening, we’ll gather for 45 minutes in the North Auditorium for intentional prayer centered on Scripture, our church ministries, our community, and our world. Please come to as many sessions as you can and pray from home when you can’t make it . . . and don’t forget to bring your Bible!


Your Morning Star Leadership Team


Scott, John, Jen, Jared, Robert, Cooper, Louie, Daniel



Our 7 Days of Prayer starts Sunday morning during our main services at 9 and 11 am. We’ll also meet that evening from 7-7:45 pm.


We’ll meet in the mornings from 6:45-7:30 am and in the evenings from 7-7:45 pm. (Ministries that normally meet during these times will join as we pray together as a church family.)


We’ll conclude the week in the morning services at 9 and 11 am.


  • Come to the meetings that you can.
  • It’s not required for you to pray out loud to participate.
  • This Prayer Guide is available here so you can join in prayer even if you can’t join us in person.


Our Church / Elders and Government

  • Pray that the elders would be men with hearts devoted to Jesus and to prayer.
  • Pray that the elders will be effective in assisting the pastors and Leadership Team in discerning and monitoring the spiritual health of the church.
  • Pray that the elders develop and carry out a succession plan for the church to be ready when Pastor Scott takes himself out of the role of Senior Pastor.
  • Pray that the elders will have wisdom in the development of our property so that we can use our current assets most effectively in carrying out our Vision statement, which is to lead people to pursue a Jesus-first life.

Our Community

  • Pray for senior services and senior living and care communities, both for residents and staff.
  • Pray for the Salem Hospital and all the care they provide to those in need whether they are doctors, nurses, chaplains, or other staff.
  • Pray for our new neighbors at Grand Fir Apartments (right behind the church), that we would be good neighbors, welcoming and inviting them into our neighborhood. Help us to show the love of Jesus in our interactions.

Our World

  • Vietnam is one of the few Communist nations left in the world. Although it has employed capitalistic economic principles to fuel much recent growth, it’s people still suffer with continued oppression and increased social problems such as drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, prostitution, and the exploitation of women and children. Pray that the light of the gospel will banish all darkness and provide hope and purpose to all those who are lost. 


Psalm 121:1-8

Our Church / Teaching

  • Pray for Pastor Scott as he plans the teaching calendar for 2024 and that God would lead him to give us timely messages with what we need to hear that will edify our faith.
  • Pray for our first teaching series in the new year called “Men of Fire” as we study Elijah and Elisha in 1 and 2 Kings.
  • Pray that Pastor Scott and Pastor John would rely completely on the Lord’s strength, and they would lead our mission of leading people to pursue a Jesus-first life well.
  • Pray for the church finances to rebound in 2024 and for us to make or surpass the budget. It would be a huge answer to prayer for us to get back on track with financial stewardship.

Our Community

  • Pray for our continuing local partners: Salem Angels, Union Gospel Mission, Simonka Place, Hope Station, Hope Pregnancy Clinic, and Agape Families. Pray that they would continue to minister to people’s physical and spiritual needs.
  • Pray for our NEW local partners: Salem For Refugees (caring for refugees and empowering them to thrive in their new community) and Salem Free Clinics (providing quality, compassionate healthcare at no cost to the uninsured in our community as an expression of Christ’s love).

Our World

  • Pray for those who give just and godly leadership, many of whom are committed Christians. The scrutiny under which many leaders work, combined with the complexity of the challenges before them, make leadership an all-but-impossible task. Leaders make difficult decisions for a majority who may not share their faith. Pray that they may continually stand firm for what is good, moral, and just for the nations they rule.


Psalm 89:5-8

Our Church / Life Groups

  • Pray that the Lord stirs up a heart of discipleship and missional living within us as we seek to serve those around us in our city. Pray that our groups are more than just discussions of sermons without heart change, but instead that they are transformative as we put into practice the great things we learn by boldly living out our faith in the community around us.
  • Pray for our three new young family and intergenerational Life Groups that started this fall. Pray they would grow together, be encouraged, and live out their faith.
  • Pray for our new West Salem Life Group that is set to start in January 2024. Pray for the leadership team to connect well and be prepared to welcome people from this community. Pray that their hearts continue to reflect the love of Jesus.
  • Pray that as we reach out to those around us by sharing and showing the love of Jesus, they would feel welcomed home and invited into what God is doing within our lives and our groups—and for boldness to share the reason for the hope that is within us with both gentleness and respect.

Our Community

  • Pray as our Life Groups meet in neighborhoods all around Salem, Keizer, Stayton, and Turner that there would be opportunities to interact with those who live nearby. Pray we have the long term vision to be relational rather than transactional in our approach with people. 

Our World

  • The three largest non-Christian religions in the world are rooted in Asia; they are also the most challenging for Christians. Pray for renewed fervor in intercession, vision for mission, and all the resources required for a new wave of Christian workers sent to these nearly 3 billion people in need of Jesus.    


Psalm 100:1-5

Our Church / Worship and Production

  • Please pray that our team would continue to seek the Lord in humility and encourage our congregation towards praise!
  • Pray for our Worship Leadership Team as we refine and improve scheduling and team culture and practices.
  • Pray that our congregation would praise and worship well and that they would seek the Lord with all their hearts!
  • Please pray for favor as our leadership tries to figure out better and more consistent choir and vocal dynamics this year.
  • We ask for prayers that people would be ministered to and find Jesus and community for the first time.
  • Please pray for new people to join our teams!

Our Community

  • Pray for our neighbors and neighborhoods. Pray for your neighbors by name (if you don’t know their names, go meet them this week) and pray that you will be a godly witness to the person and work of Jesus by how you care and interact with those who live around you.

Our World

  • Bible translators need expertise in Biblical studies and linguistic skills in order to analyze language. At times, languages needing the Bible have never been written in any form. Often they must create a record of its sounds and create an alphabet leading to writing lesson books and dictionaries all long before any of the Bible is tentatively translated. Pray for God to call many more to this important work and to provide strength and perseverance to those undertaking decades-long projects of this nature. 


Psalm 33:1-5, 20-22

Our Church / MStar Kids

  • As our church grows, so does the need for adults in our kids classrooms to teach the lessons and lead. Pray for more adults to step up to teach God’s Word in each classroom from 2 years – 5th grade.
  • We currently have a specific class for 4th and 5th grade students (Bridge 45) at the 11 am, but not at the 9 am. Pray that additional volunteers (6+) will join the team so we can launch a 9 am Bridge 45 service starting in September.
  • We have a weekly need for room cleaning and lesson/material prep for each classroom. Pray for more volunteers during the week to prepare for Sunday MStar Kids classes!

Our Community

  • Pray that the people of Salem would come together despite differences to build relationships and love neighbor as self; that even when differing values and methodologies exist there is a sense of respectful communication and relationship.

Our World

  • The urban poor. In North America, they usually live in the decaying hearts of major cities; in Latin America, they live in huge slums that ring or even permeate the major cities. Churches have a great role to play and are well positioned to do so. Pray for the light of Jesus to shine through Christian ministry, effecting urban renewal with a reduction in crime, violence and substance abuse and a growth in education, employment and, most importantly, the winning of lives into the Kingdom. 


Isaiah 40:27-31

Our Church / The Most Excellent Way

The Most Excellent Way is different than traditional 12-step programs for chemical dependency and behavioral issues. This discipleship-based alternative is focused on becoming GOD-dependent. Our principles of victory are based entirely upon God’s Word, the Bible. 

  • Pray for growth in ministry. We are wanting to have more in attendance and reach more struggling individuals.
  • Pray that the Lord brings in more leaders and volunteers.
  • Pray for the community of individuals struggling with sin and addiction to know the redemptive love of Jesus.
  • Pray that we can build a group of support to help new people coming in.

Our Community

  • Please pray that The Most Excellent Way will be an effective outreach to the disenfranchised and the lost.

  • Pray that the most vulnerable and marginalized in our city would be recipients of God’s mercy and given space not only to belong, but to be made whole.

Our World

  • The Caucasus region remains a center of unresolved tensions – with it’s ethnic and religious diversity, history of war and repression, and it’s position, straddling the oil-rich but politically sensitive region, where many major powers (Russia, Turkey, Iran, the West) have conflicting areas of concern. In all likelihood, decades of unrest lie ahead. Its people represent one of the most difficult challenges for evangelization, with many ethnic groups still unreached. Pray for God to somehow break through these seemingly unscalable barriers to the Gospel.


Psalm 103:1-6

Our Church / Morning Star Men

  • We are praising God for the numerical and spiritual growth we saw at the end of 2023 with our Wednesday morning discipleship groups.
  • We are praying for a new leader and a few more regular men to be able to add another consistent table on Wednesday mornings.
  • Please pray for the Thursday night study that will be beginning in late January, that the men will be strengthened in their faith, and we will not just be hearers of the word but doers also.
  • Pray for men to be strengthened in the Lord to fight the good fight of the faith (1 Timothy 6:12).

Our Community

  • Pray that the Church of Salem (made up of hundreds of congregations) would embody unity, mutual respect, and collaboration; we recognize that the “Bride of Christ” has a variety of expressions and long for greater unity among God’s people.

Our World

  • Persecution remains present in all countries of South Asia, although location, social context, and time frame all factor into the intensity thereof. Christians are on the receiving end of persecution – mostly from Hindus in India and Nepal, from Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Maldives and even from Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Some of this is unavoidable, as responses of resentment and fear of church growth. But some result from lack of sensitivity and wisdom by Christians ministering into these situations. Pray that evangelists, church planters, and missionaries might share the gospel with love and boldness, but also with humility and wisdom.


Psalm 130:1-8

Our Church / Student Ministries: High School (RIOT)

  • Pray that students that we are discipling wouldlights to their peers and their families.
  • Pray for leaders to be encouraged in their sacrifice for the Lord.
  • Pray that the Lord would prepare the hearts of those going on Spring Break or Summer Mission trips.

Our Community

  • Pray for further development and discipleships of the high school interns in the intern program of Agape Families, an organization who works to provide hope & stability to families impacted by incarceration.
  • Prayer for the hearts of theand families Agape Families serve, that they will be softened towards the gospel and pursue a relationship with Jesus.

Our World

  • This generation of young people is both the most privileged and the most damaged. Humanistic and New Age philosophies, spiritual confusion, moral relativism, broken families, sexual permissiveness, drug and alcohol abuse, mindless violence, widespread acceptance of the occult, and callous self-absorption combine to reap a bitter harvest. Without a decisive work of God’s Spirit, this generation could be America’s most broken. Prayer for this generation and those that are ministering to them.


Isaiah 42:5-9

Our Church / Morning Star Women

  • Please pray for the leaders of our different Women’s Ministries teams (Bible Studies, Mama Tribe, Women’s Retreat, SaveOne) that the Lord would encourage and uplift them, and that they would grow in their relationship with Him during 2024 as they lead the women at Morning Star.
  • Please pray for the Women’s Conference, which will be on our campus April 19-20. We are praying that the change in the traditional “retreat” model will be a breath of fresh air and connect with women who haven’t come in the past. Please ask the Lord to use the weekend as a time of growth and connection for the women who attend.
  • Please pray that the women of Morning Star would feel and know that their voice and leadership are valuable and necessary for the health of our whole body. Pray for the group of women who are going through training this winter on how to teach God’s Word, that they would be empowered and equipped to use their gifts to edify our church family.
  • Please pray for provision for childcare for Bible studies. We need more workers and additional funds so that moms of young kids can participate in this important growth opportunity.

Our Community

  • Please pray for the foster children and foster families being supported by our local partner, Salem Angels.

  • Pray for expansion of Salem Angels into the rural communities.

  • Pray for the growth of their programs; that God will keep bringing the youth and families that need to be supported through the programs.

Our World

  • Refugees – Millions of people currently affected. Pray that these millions would encounter Jesus, who Himself was a migrant (from heaven to earth) and a refugee (fleeing to Egypt from Bethlehem).


Psalm 34:1-8

Our Church / Student Ministries: Middle School (Highlife)

  • Pray for new long-term volunteers for the middle school program.
  • Pray that the students live for Jesus not just at Highlife, but in their daily lives.
  • Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit in the students as they deal with real life issues and temptations.
  • Pray for the parents of the students so they grow in their relationship with Jesus as they lead their children.

Our Community

  • Pray for our schools: students, teachers, support, and maintenance staff, school boards, and volunteers. Pray specifically for wisdom and discernment for our teachers and administrators who are navigating ever-changing policies that can be especially challenging to implement as followers of Jesus.

Our World

  • The younger generation in many Pacific Island nations feel disenfranchised and betrayed by their forebearers. In these small and remote island nations, they often have little opportunity for meaningful employment or education. Emigration, restlessness, frustration, mischief, and even organized crime are the result. In some countries, those under age 25 comprise up to 40% of the population. Pray for viable, God-honoring solutions to these challenges, and for the younger generation to find hope and purpose in Christ. 


Psalm 108:1-6

Our Church / Missions

  • Please pray for the right people to join the Missions team. Pray we can bring more focus, structure, clarity, direction, and wisdom as we develop a holistic Missions Ministry. Pray for our focus on personal mission, family mission, Life Groups mission, short-term mission trips, and long-term ongoing missions partnerships both locally and globally.is how we lead people to pursue a Jesus-first life!
  • Please pray for encouragement, boldness, perseverance, strength, health, and blessing for our current Global Partners:

Dave Irby

(based in Oregon; travels around the world

doing soccer camps and training pastors)

Mike Silva

(based in Oregon; travels around the world doing evangelism festivals)

Reid Saunders

(based in Oregon; travels around the world doing evangelism festivals)

Jeremy and Mindy Tice


Jeff and Sarah

(Caucasus Region)

Max and Tanya Garkavenko


Petr Samoylich


  • Pray for our new global partners, Christian and Scott. Pray for their continued learning and growth in maturity as they prepare to be sent into the field as workers. Protect them Lord and continue to teach us as a church how to focus on those who have no opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Our Community

  • Pray that our Salem community would experience increased joy, delight, and gratitude in their lives around the goodness of God! Pray that as people experience true peace/shalom, they would come to a greater awareness of God’s love for them and those around them.

Our World

  • Please pray for the Lord’s mighty working in and through His people in both Estonia and Ukraine and that we will indeed see a just peace agreed to by the governments of both Ukraine and Russia as a result.


Isaiah 55:6-11

Our Church / First Impressions

  • Please pray that every volunteer in the First Impressions ministries (parking team, greeters & ushers, Welcome Center, Grace Cafe, and Connect) would be filled with a sincere joy from the Lord and would overflow with warmth and love to each person who walks in the doors of Morning Star.
  • Please pray that the Lord would bring new volunteers, especially to the parking team and the 11 am greeting teams. We need many more smiling faces to fill out these important ministry roles.
  • Please pray for those who have attended and will attend the “Next Steps” class, that the Lord would open doors for them to get plugged into a discipleship community here at Morning Star.

Our Community

  • Pray for our partnership with our neighbors across the street, Boone Ridge Senior Living. They are wanting us to come and hold Bible studies or a small church service, so pray that the Lord will raise up the right people to meet those needs. 

Our World

  • Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are in Sudan. They are a small minority of the population, which is primarily Islamic. May God supply all their needs according to His riches in glory. May they somehow find their faith strengthened during this time of tribulation. May God supply boldness to be Christ’s witnesses even during war and persecution. And may they shine like stars, such that their love, compassion, and kindness wins many to the Lord even during these upheavals. 


Psalm 105:1-5

Our Church / Campus and Maintenance

  • Prayers for James Elgin and Gabe Boyechko who do so much to steward our facilities and take care of what God has entrusted to us, that they would have wisdom in how to prioritize the needs of our facilities.
  • Pray that our building would be strategically used to carry out our church’s mission of leading people to pursue a Jesus-first life. Pray for our campus to be a tool for the gospel, and that we can make the most of our amazing location to help lead people to Jesus.

Our Community

  • Pray that the Kingdom of God would seep into the fabric of our Salem community; this includes not only faith communities, but also businesses, government, schools, non-profits, and neighborhoods

Our World

  • Israel-Hamas War: Pray for the Israeli families who mourn for loved ones who were killed or taken hostage. Pray for the believers in Gaza who are caught in the middle of the conflict. Ask God to protect innocent people during this conflict. Pray that, somehow, God will work through this situation to bring more people to Him—and that His people will be salt and light. Pray for peace. 


Psalm 86:5-10

Our Church / Pastoral Care

  • Pray for healing for those who are hurting physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and for brothers and sisters in the Lord to come around them with encouragement and hope.
  • Pray for those with anxiety, loneliness, or depression; for opportunities and people to come alongside them and minister to them as the Lord leads.

Our Community

  • Pray that our community would truly become a place of peace for all people; that God raises up more peacemakers in our community who are committed to calling others to God’s way of peace in the midst of a fractured, unjust, and violent world.

Our World

  • In Afghanistan, pray for the peace, protection and provision of believers and their families. Pray for believers who gather in small groups for prayer, encouragement, training, and worship.for front-line workers involved in evangelism, discipleship, and house churches.that Bible translation, radio, TV, and social media ministries will bear much fruit.that our brothers and sisters will persevere through opposition and persecution. Pray for greater access to God’s Word in every language and for every tribal group.


Psalm 145:3-9

Our Church / Biblical Counseling

  • Pray for our counselors-in-training, that they would enjoy learning the training material and finish the course well this semester.
  • Pray for God to raise up more counselors who are willing to be trained and to walk alongside hurting people. 
  • Pray for God to open the door to those who need counseling; that they would reach out if they are in need and discover the love of Jesus for them during this time.

Our Community

  • Pray for families in our area who are struggling financially and that basic needs will be met.

Our World

  • The future of Jerusalem. The world’s holiest city is probably also its most volatile flashpoint. Conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has resisted major international efforts to resolve it. The fundamental and seemingly irreconcilable differences between most Israelis and Arabs mean that any outbreak of serious conflict can easily embroil neighboring countries. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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June 24-27, 2024


Our offices are closed for Great Camp, our student ministries summer camp. Please email below or call and leave a voicemail at 503-581-2477 and our staff will get back to you as soon as we can.

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