Financial Update November 2021

Hey Church Family, 

Season’s greetings to you and your loved ones. We’re just coming off our second weekend of The Lights and have seen several thousand people come through the event thus far! We are hearing encouraging reports from the “next steps” team as many people have been prayed over for a variety of needs and have expressed high interest in visiting our church. On Saturday afternoon, we experienced one of the most encouraging encounters so far. With the Friday night windstorm, we saw a demoralizing amount of destruction to our scene sets that left us wondering if we would even be able to repair them. On a cold, wet, windy day, we saw a huge group of volunteers come out and repair all the damage! In a matter of hours we accomplished together what we were anticipating would take days to do, and it was thrilling to be back up and running by Sunday evening! THANK YOU for all of your help! 

Here are the numbers from November so you can see where we are financially as we head to year’s end.

November Budget: $185,000 
November Actual Giving: $137,490.21
Difference: -$47,509.79 (-25.68%) 

2021 YTD Budget: $1,710,000
2021 YTD Actual Giving: $1,579,184.95
Difference: -$130,815.05 (-7.65%)     

December Budget: $220,000
Please note the increased projected giving for the year’s end. These projections are standard, based on historical giving trends and additional year-end gifts that we invite you to prayerfully consider.    

COMMENTS. As you can see, we weren’t close to meeting our November budget goals. We’re thankful for the clarifying picture of what we see as sustainable for the next year as we finalize our budget for 2022. We’re projecting the need to make at least a 7% cut from our 2021 budget. We’re not anticipating the need to make any personnel reductions, but we’ll need to postpone our plan to hire a Family Ministries pastor. We’ll continue to be relentless in pursuing ways to be most efficient with the resources God has given us to steward. 

YEAR-END GIVING. Year-end giving is always an important aspect of any church and non-profit. We recognize that you have numerous year-end giving requests flooding your inbox and voicemail. We’re humbly asking you to prayerfully consider an additional year-end gift directed toward Morning Star as we continue to to lead people to pursue a Jesus-first life in 2022.               

GIVING. If you would like to partner financially with Morning Star Community Church in disciple-making work and/or set up automatic giving, you can do so by clicking HERE.    

THANK YOU for your faithful prayers and generous giving. Let’s keep on leading people to pursue a Jesus-first life!.

In all things, Jesus first! 


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