June Financial Update

Dear Morning Star Family,

It has been a few months since I updated you regarding our finances. You are well aware and perhaps feeling the financial strain currently taking place with relentless inflation seen in high food costs and record-breaking gas prices. Yet we see the church continue to give despite these uncertain economic times. Thank you!

I’m wondering if some of you are on the verge of being in a tough spot financially, so I want to remind you that we have a benevolence fund available to help those in our church family in need of financial assistance. You’re welcome to inquire by coming into or calling the church offices, or sending an email to info@mstar.church.

Now, here are numbers to know for the last couple of months.

Budgeted: $155,000
Actual: $132,041.43
Difference: -$22,958.57 (-14.81%)


Budgeted: $150,000
Actual: $138,114.68
Difference: -$11,885.32 (-7.92%)


Budgeted: $730,000
Actual: $894,254.53
Difference: +$164,254.53 (+22.50%)


Comments. We’re in good financial shape thanks to the strong giving we experienced in early spring. We see firsthand the economic climate impacting our giving and can’t thank you enough for the continued financial support from those who are able.


STAFFING. Most of you are aware of a couple of staff changes that have taken place over the past month as Katrina Kennedy has now started at Bayside Church in the Sacramento area and Jim Smith will be finishing up his employment as our IT and online specialist at the end of the month. Jim, fortunately, isn’t going anywhere as he heads to his new job, and it’s our intent to keep Jim on retainer to service our IT needs. We’re overjoyed that Jim and Natalie will continue to attend Morning Star and continue to serve as small group leaders in our high school ministry.


With both of these departures is an opportunity to restructure our staffing with our future in mind. We have gotten amazing feedback from both Katrina and Jim on ways that we can grow in organizational health as both leave on good terms with great suggestions that will serve our church well. We’re going to take the time needed to fill these necessary positions with the right people, so stay tuned as we search for a Middle School Pastor and an assortment of other staff positions! Thank you for your prayers and support as we build our staff to meet current and future needs.


FIREWORKS STAND. When you come on campus, you won’t be able to ignore a huge fireworks tent in our south field. We have rented this section of property to Discount Fireworks Superstore. Bob, the owner, says that if you mention you’re from Morning Star, he’ll donate a percentage of your purchase to our Student Ministries! So stop by to welcome them, purchase your fireworks, and help raise some money for our students. How awesome is that?!


GIVING. If you would like to partner financially with Morning Star Community Church in disciple-making work and/or set up automatic giving, you can do so by clicking HERE.


THANK YOU for your faithful prayers and generous giving. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


In all things, Jesus first!


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June 24-27, 2024


Our offices are closed for Great Camp, our student ministries summer camp. Please email below or call and leave a voicemail at 503-581-2477 and our staff will get back to you as soon as we can.

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