Middle School

Middle School

Our goal at Highlife is to see Jesus change the hearts of middle school students. We want to see them choose to love Jesus and love others for the rest of their lives. Highlife and Sunlife feel a little different (Highlife is loud and crazy, Sunlife is a little mellower), but they both have the same purpose of creating a space to discover who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him.


Our weekly events are held in the south auditorium at Morning Star Community Church.


THURSDAYS from 7 pm – 9 pm

HIGHLIFE is a place to experience crazy games, powerful worship and a dynamic message. Meet new friends and get connected with a small group and leader. HIGHLIFE is the coolest place to be on Thursday nights. See you there!

COVID mandates are still in place, so plan on wearing a mask all night!


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Our weekly schedule includes lots of fun post, interactive content, and most importantly people who love YOU! Here’s a copy of our posting schedule so you don’t miss a thing!

Please feel free to contact Katrina Kennedy or phone (503-581-2477) with any additional questions regarding middle school ministry at Morning Star.